Lorem Ipsum alternatives review

Lorem Ipsum alternatives

How many times have we seen the the Latin text filled website? Lorem Ipsum be damned, here are a few very cool alternatives:

Not Lorem Ipsum gives you industry specific text to fill your ‘under development’ website. Whilst not much of a laugh you can give those accidental visitors a sense of your business using this filler text.

Next is Fillerama, which made me laugh, and cry. With paragraphs from Star Wars, The Simpsons and Dexter (amongst others) you’ll be able to inspire your visitors, or at least give the developers something to chuckle about. Here’s a little snippet from Futurama

A Tale of Two Santas

That’s not soon enough! Alright, let’s mafia things up a bit. Joey, burn down the ship. Clamps, burn down the crew. No. We’re on the top. Stop! Don’t shoot fire stick in space canoe! Cause explosive decompression! It’s toe-tappingly tragic!

Proposition Infinity

You know the worst thing about being a slave? They make you work, but they don’t pay you or let you go. One hundred dollars. Negative, bossy meat creature!

  • Yes, I saw. You were doing well, until everyone died.
  • You can see how I lived before I met you.

Mars University

I’ve got to find a way to escape the horrible ravages of youth. Suddenly, I’m going to the bathroom like clockwork, every three hours. And those jerks at Social Security stopped sending me checks. Now ‘I” have to pay ”them’! Calculon is gonna kill us and it’s all everybody else’s fault! You know, I was God once. Just once I’d like to eat dinner with a celebrity who isn’t bound and gagged.

Fillerati for the classics loving amongst you features Herman Melville, Lewis Carroll and Jules Verne amongst others.

Now you can head on over to Corporate Ipsum for some ‘Meaningless Business Speak’ (their words as mine are rather more of the Farmyard).

For lovers of Hollywood hard men you can find no better source than pick sum ipsum featuring Clint Eastwood, Michael Caine (you were only meant to blow the bloody doors off) and Morgan Freeman. And here’s a little taster

n’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy. don’t p!ss down my back and tell me it’s raining. here. put that in your report!” and “i may have found a way out of here. when a naked man’s chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher knife and a hard-on, i figure he’s not out collecting for the red cross. this is the ak-47 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of your enemy; and it makes a distinctive sound when fired at you, so remember it. well, do you have anything to say for yourself? ever notice how sometimes you come across somebody you shouldn’t have f**ked with? well, i’m that guy. you want a guarantee, buy a toaster. you see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig. you dig. this is my gun, clyde! man’s gotta know his limitations. what you have to ask yourself is, do i feel lucky. well do ya’ punk?


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