Hello there, I’m Nick Garnett, a creative freelance copywriter and content writer.

I write all types of marketing material but what makes me different is my work is based on understanding your customers and prospective customers. I work with you and your team to identify who your customers and prospects are so I can target my work effectively.

Copywriter Roy Williams summed it up best this way:

Show me what a person admires, and I’ll tell you everything about them that matters. And then you’ll know how to connect with them. You’ll know how to cheer up your new neighbor when you understand what she admires. You’ll know how to sell the man looking into your face when you understand what he admires. You’ll know how to attract future customers through your ads when you understand what they admire.

By understanding what your prospective customers admire I craft a marketing story that resonates with their emotions and delivers measurably successful results.

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