An SEO Glossary of terms

Or how not to get confused when they start talking technical.

301 Redirect: A signal to the search engines that a web page has actively moved. A visitor attempting to reach the original page gets taken to a new page that’s the closest match.

404 Error: A type of technical error that signals the web page could not be found (often because it’s been moved or deleted).

Algorithm: A formula that calculates the rank of search engine results. These algorithms have evolved with the goal of providing a searcher with the most relevant content based on their specific search.


Can SEO for law firms help win more business?

With stiff competition online SEO for law firms can reap big rewards

If potential law firm clients don’t already have a solicitor the starting point for most people to get legal advice is the web. From the most minor legal issue to full-blown litigation you can find a law firm online.
If you’re what I would call a regional law firm, and excuse me if that’s the wrong term, and don’t want to compete with the marketing budgets of the big players or the online specific services that a lot of firms now offer, you’re going to have to take a more subtle approach.

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Why you have to optimise your website for mobile SEO

It’s a fact that optimising your website for mobile SEO has been, and still is, one of your most important SEO tasks.

Smartphones are ubiquitous and in our pockets all the time. Gone are the days of waiting till you get back to the office, or home before doing that search.

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10 tips to make your business email conversations more efficient

Email is a wonderful thing, you could even argue that it’s the single biggest factor in the ubiquitousness of digital. It’s been around for eons, well, since 1972 actually, and it was invented by a guy called Ray Tomlinson, an ARPANet contractor. But it can be a little too ubiquitous, downright annoying in fact particularly when you’re trying to run a business or working in an environment where fast communication is important like a sales team or digital marketing team, when you need to talk to each other, partners, and stakeholders all the time.

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