SEO Services

My focus isn’t just about technical Search Engine Optimisation stuff (although I do a lot of that), it’s also about getting real SEO results that attract and convert website visitors.

After all, what’s the point in being on the front page of Google for the search phrase ‘Greek restaurant in Camden Town‘  (yummy) if no-one clicks on the link, and what’s the point of clicking on the link and not finding an easy way to talk to you?

It’s my job to make this happen.

Technical Audit & Search Engine Optimisation

I have a simple statement that sums up this part of my work “If you can’t be found you won’t be found”

It’s a simple fact that if Google has trouble indexing and ranking your website pages you either won’t show in search results, or you’ll show for things you don’t want to on pages 3, 4 or 10 (desktop and mobile) and no-one will find you.

In our Search Engine Optimisation process we look at over 50 different indicators that may need adjustment to ensure Google can find you.

Keyword and Keyphrase research and optimisation

In discussions with you, I decide on the keywords and phrases that you want to be found in Google for, and that searchers are actually searching for. We then optimise your current content for those keywords and phrases, and create new content to attract new audiences. Keywords and phrases should always reflect your short, medium, and long term business and marketing goals.

Competitor Analysis

If you know what your competitors are doing you’ve got a good headstart.

This not only helps you identify your competitors SEO tactics but helps identify keyword gaps that you can fill. Lots of businesses want to rank on Google for popular keywords and phrases that will have massive search volume but you need to consider that less popular, more specific, keywords and phrases are going to get you better results.

Not “Greek Restaurants in London” rather ” Greek Restaurants in Camden Town with a garden”.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

When your content is optimised for your existing keywords and phrases, Google will find you and people searching for ‘Greek restaurant in Camden Town‘  (still yummy) will land on your relevant page.

To ensure they take the action you want them too – fill in a form, download a menu, or get a discount coupon you have to make sure the correct functionality is in place for them to do that easily.

Testing response rates will make sure you get it right.

Content Development and Creation

I help you plan and create new content to keep your site relevant. If the Google site crawler visits and there is never any new content it’ll soon get bored and find somewhere more interesting to visit. New people will be searching for your services with new questions that you need to provide answers for, with new content.

Link Building

It still seems the case that Google places influence on incoming links to your website to increase what it calls Page Rank, and not only links but where the links are from, and the Page Rank of those linking sites.

Incoming links are vital for good results on both desktop and mobile.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are key to getting good results as soon as possible (it’s a slow process anyway). We test everything, make subtle changes, and test it again until it’s working well. And then we start the process again for every keyword, keyphrase, and new piece of content.

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