Web Design

I’m not just another web designer that happens to do a bit of SEO on the side…

I’m an SEO consultant with over 15 years experience that recognises the need for some clients to ‘start again’ with their websites, and re-build with SEO at the heart of the development.

But that’s not all.

Web design & development has changed enormously over the last ten years and the majority of websites we’re built over five years ago at a time when the web was still in its adolescence, Flash was in the ascendency, and Microsoft was still in denial about the ‘usefulness’ of the Internet.

How things have changed.

Now it’s a fast-moving, mobile world with change at its heart, and web design needs to acknowledge this by becoming more agile and responsive.

Current web design is broken. The process is long, frustrating, and expensive. Redeveloping once every five or so years (industry standard) doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to stay ahead on the web.

We have a specific methodology when we build websites, and it’s called:

Performance Driven Website Design takes a totally different approach.

A defined strategy targeting the required results from your new website. These are generally around customer interactions, not how the website looks.

A launch website that is focused on priorities identified during the strategy phase.

Faster launch times – generally around 60/90 days, as opposed to 120/150 days with the old approach of building once and rebuilding every five years.

Continuous improvement in either monthly or quarterly steps. Improvements are driven by monitoring and testing customer/visitor interactions.

A more cost-effective solution.

A smaller upfront cost and a monthly retainer avoid a big bill every time you rebuild.

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