How to write an email that gets results

There’s so much great content out there about any subject you can think of that sometimes I just like to pass on some good work that other people are doing.

Email is ubiquitous, you love it, you hate it, but you can’t do without it. We don’t read most of the mail we get but some just seems to catch our attention. I’ve always been interested in finding out why that is. For me, it’s a subject line that grabs my attention and has relevance to my work and/or life and content that is expressed with brevity (big fan of Ernest Hemingway) but that’s just personal.

I’ve pulled together a few links (three in fact because I think that Steve Jobs was right when he said we can only remember three things at a time) that you may find interesting and help you define what makes a readable email:

How to write email that get results

How To Write Emails That Get Results: 9 Tips for Getting Better Responses

How to write marketing emails that get results

How to Write Marketing Emails That Get Results

Tips for writing email that gets opened

37 Tips for Writing Emails that Get Opened, Read, and Clicked

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